books for childrenWelcome to the home of the “Mrs. Morgan Rescues…” short story books.  The children’s book series was created by Bonnie Jo Davis and is dedicated to her Aunt Ruth.  Aunt Ruth lived in a rural area of Clinton, Michigan and created, over the years, an informal “animal rescue”.  You can see the books here.

The hero of this book series is Mrs. Morgan.  She lives in Savannah, Georgia and worked with her husband who was a veterinarian.  She decided to retire early to devote more time to animal rescue. Mrs. Morgan takes care of animals who are too young to be on their own or they are injured or sick. After the animal is older and healthy Mrs. Morgan releases them back into the wild or finds them homes if they are pets.

The goal of these books is to teach children about animal rescue, rehabilitation, animal adoption and the shelter pet adoption movement.  This is a great opportunity for you to share your beliefs about animals with your younger children.  Children who have compassion for animals tend to connect better with other people now and in the future!

“Let me introduce you to the Mrs. Morgan Rescues … book series.  This unique book series has been “written to educate children about animal rescue and adoption”.  I read this book aloud to our 7 year old – she loved it and wanted more! It was a short read but a very informative one, and since we have so many squirrels in our area – she quickly identified.”
– Bonnie, Moms Lifesavers